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Bilingual Regional Workshops for Middle Level Latinx Students 

2012 La Cima Retreat Junior Counselors

2012 La Cima Retreat Junior Counselors

¿Por qué liderazgo bilingüe para Latinos?

Buenos estudiantes crean buenas escuelas. El objetivo del Liderazgo La Cima es graduar a estudiantes latinos. El ambiente bilingüe de La Cima ayuda a los estudiantes latinos a desarrollar su identidad, un sentido de empoderamiento y habilidades de liderazgo.

Why bilingual Latino leadership?

Strong students create strong schools. The primary goal of La Cima Leadership is to graduate our states' Latinx population. La Cima's bilingual environment helps Latinx students develop self-identity, a sense of empowerment and leadership skills to better serve their schools and communities. 

La Cima energized our school. Our Latino students are now becoming involved at greater levels in school clubs, ASB and in extra-curricular activities. This year a couple of Latino students who have never sought ASB or leadership positions took on the risk of running and being elected.
— Jennifer Shaw, Principal, Franklin Pierce High School (Tacoma)
photo by Leo Carmona

photo by Leo Carmona